Signal: Using the right tool for the right job

In today´s world where privacy, anonymity and confidentiality are a required in our day-to-day communications, those features are something most users expect when using a communication tool such as Signal from Open Whisperer Systems. Unfortunately a lot of users tend to mix or use as synonyms each one of those concepts when in reality they […]

Digital Identity and Metadata

 The fight to stay anonymous People by nature want to keep certain aspects of their life private, anonymous; others because their jobs require to stay anonymous and others because what they are doing could lead to repercussions in their professional and personal lives. The funny thing is that most people think that just because they […]

Email insecurity video

This article is a the first in a series aimed to people who are looking to understand the risks of using the internet as a primary communication channel, especially for sensitive subjects. Let’s start with something that has become an indispensable tool for communication in our world and I’m referring to the email. Email can […]