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The Confidential Communications (“ConfComm”) blog grew out of a longstanding desire by our network security expert, Nick Altamira, to produce a website containing educational information for those working with our firm on research misconduct and fraud investigation projects.
In our experience, there can be quite a strong effort to digitally monitor those who might be involved in legitimate whistleblowing activity. Anti-whistleblower activity can even become disruptive in several “black hat” ways.
Therefore, we believe the best policy in communicating one’s concerns is to start by being as confidential as possible. Although possible, digital confidentiality was not built into the original Internet, and therefore it is not necessarily easy to accomplish.
The primary areas of interest for the ConfComm blog will be email, telephone, text, and Internet confidentiality. By confidential communications we mean not only the use of encryption to protect the content of messages, but also various means by which identity of those communicating can be protected.

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