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We are interested in trying to enhance the security and confidentiality of communications to our firm. There currently is no perfect solution, especially considering the capabilities of some of the potential parties who might oppose plaintiffs, whistleblowers, and their counsel or others working with them. Nevertheless, we always suggest trying to do more rather than less. As the odds of secure communications increase, the possible pool of those who might compromise such communications decreases.
Here we present some options:
1. Signal messenger (secure text and phone).
For secure text messages and phone contact, please download the free Signal messenger app for iPhone or Android phones.
Enter the contact number: 717-395-6313, and then send an initial text message including a date and time if you wish to be called. The call will also be made using the Signal app.
For the reasons we have changed from relying on our primary office phone number (215-586-4944) to Signal, please see our Confidential Communications blog post.
 2. Email.
We strongly advise anyone involved in any activity related to making allegations of wrongdoing to refrain from using email. But if you must, and we have found that there remains a strong drive among people to use email despite its risks, we strongly recommend that you make sure that your email provider:
1) allows the forced use of TLS encryption,
2) does not have a policy that allows them to read your email (that would rule out Gmail, for example), and
3) provides for the use of PGP encryption - though it is even safer to do PGP encryption yourself (methods are provided below).
4) Furthermore, try to set up a new email account using a pseudonym that is dedicated to this activity.
One provider that has all the above attributes, and is in a foreign country that might reduce legal risks to those in the U.S. from having information demanded of the provider, is the service located in Germany. can be accessed using a secure webpage (https), can be accessed in as anonymous a fashion as currently technology allows  (using the Tor network), and is free for the first 30 days. A account does not require personal information to set up, and it later can be paid for with Bitcoin should the communications last more than 30 days. We find the pricing quite inexpensive and the quality and responsiveness very good.
To reach in English go to:
To reach us by email, please send to: AmR[at]
3. Use our mail form.
Javascript from and must be active to send text or upload.

It seems JavaScript is disabled on your browser. Secure form submission requires enabling Javascript for and

Attach a file or a compressed folder of files:
For any attached file, please provide its name and extension (file type, e.g. doc, docx, ppt, txt, etc.) in the textbox above.
For multiple files, please use a compressed/zip file. Alternatively, files can be individually uploaded by returning to this page.
email address

phone number

After submission, you should see a success message. If you do not, or if you  have any other technical issue, please send a message by one of the methods above.


1) If you wish to maintain confidentiality, please remember that we ask that you log on to this system from a Tor browser. A very easy-to-use Tor Browser Bundle can be downloaded here. Even better, use the Tails operating system, which provides Tor and better security.
2) If the files you are providing are particularly sensitive and you were asked to encrypt them, then please encrypt your attachments, i.e. do not solely rely on the TLS encryption of the email providers.
If you are using email from, it is possible to obtain our public encryption key through by requesting it from us. The system also lets you create your own PGP encryption keys and send them to us.
If you want to be even more secure, keep your unencrypted files and encryption keys offline, i.e. on a separate "air gapped" computer. An air gapped computer should not be connected to the Internet or any other network.
If multiple computers are too expensive an option, consider using the computers provided by your public library for Internet access.
Finally, we often provide inexpensive loaner computers to those we work with for use in accessing the Internet with the Tails operating system. Please ask if you feel it would be valuable to you.
3) If you do wish to use your own encryption keys, please see the links below for instructions. One of our public keys can be found here. When sending your public key to us, please make sure your key length is 2048, and that you also include your public key ID and key fingerprint, preferably through an alternate channel (for example, the Signal app.)
To learn more about handling PGP keys, see the following links:
Mac: GPGTools (GPGSuite)
Windows: GPG4win A good introduction can be found here.
Linux: GnuPG
Command line Mac or Linux:
Once you have GPG installed, go to the command line and enter gpg -h for a list of the most common commands. If there is any trouble using GPGTools or GPG4win, try the command line (particularly if you have basic abilities such as understanding how to drag files in to the terminal to provide their paths easily).
Command line Windows: A Practical Introduction
4) If OpenPGP/GPG is too technically advanced or time consuming for you, this upload form already has built-in encryption (SecureForm). An additional layer of encryption has been added to this form in March, 2016; anything submitted in a browser that can accommodate Javascript from and will have encryption applied within the browser such that it can only be decrypted offline at our end. (At present, some older Safari browsers, e.g. v.5, may give an error message when trying to use the enhanced form. If you find a problem, let us know.)
4. Physical delivery.
If you happen to be in Philadelphia, please go to our offices and present your documents (or media) to the secretary. Ask for your materials to be placed in a sealed mailer, but be sure to note that you do not want the documents to be put into the regular mail - it will be picked up. Ask for a receipt.
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