Communication options


If desired, relatively secure text messages can be sent to Amerandus Research using WhatsApp for Android or iPhone.

Enter the contact number: +1-717-395-6313, and then send an initial text message, including your identity and a date and time if you wish to be called. The call will also be made using WhatsApp. 


For those who wish to try to maintain additional confidentiality in communications, please set up a free account at Then send an encrypted email using the protonmail to This will produce a fully encrypted email channel to communicate. Furthermore, it is possible to setup and use a Protonmail account using a Tor browser, for additional identity protection. 

Alternatively, for ordinary emails, please send an email to  



Ordinary phone/email
For ordinary phone contact, please call +1-717-395-6313. Leave a message with your name, phone number, and good times to call.