Our work and services supporting investigation of research misconduct


Amerandus Research has for several years been making efforts to study and improve the handling of scientific research misconduct investigations in the United States. This work has received participation from a variety of biomedical researchers and others who have been involved in research misconduct cases.

Specifically, Amerandus Research provides the following consulting and investigative/litigation support to to those who have concerns about, or are considering making allegations of, scientific research fraud:

1. Investigation by a certified fraud examiner;

2. Expert review of scientific evidence;

3. Editorial assistance for those who are trying to more effectively communicate their cases;

4. White papers and related memoranda that discuss U.S. law as it applies to the
handling of research misconduct cases; 

5. Recommendations on the use of digital communications to provide heightened security
and confidentiality to those wishing to make allegations; 

6. Audit of whistleblower and related plaintiff law firms and investigative organizations for security and confidentiality of communications with potential clients.

(This is an ancillary function of the firm; we do not do IT audit outside of the stated topic areas.)

We also advocate for legislation that we believe will positively impact the handling of research misconduct, reduce fraud, waste, and abuse in research grant funding, and enhance the productivity and number of meritorious scientists. 

If you believe that your case could benefit from additional expert assessment, please contact us

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