The Vetting Project

Over the years since 2011 when Amerandus Research was formed, we have helped those who have suffered reputational injuries and injustices from their involvement in qui tam, “whistleblower”, and other lawsuits (e.g. family law, parental alienation, etc.).
During that time it has become clear that there is a great need by lone litigants who feel mistreated by the legal system to have their credibility vetted outside of the courts. 
Here we will offer a process that will allow those who have had troubles in the courts to present their concerns and associated evidence in a form which could help permit third parties, such as ourselves, to determine whether there might be significant substance to allegations of misconduct and malpractice. 
We cannot provide any legal advice or determinations about a legal case, particularly not in the United States, in which the judiciary protects itself with unlicensed practice of law (UPL) codes. But what we can do is look at submitted evidence and provide a form of “evidentiary audit“, by which we mean to gather user and other opinions as to whether the public might have cause for concern about conduct at issue.
If we can obtain a complete, searchable record of the submitting party’s case(s), we may be able to review the evidence presented, particularly on various points of concern to the aggrieved party. While we are not able to make any explicit claims about the legal issues, we can come to our own conclusions by reading the record, and we can and will comment on any instance in which it seems from what was presented to us that there was insufficient credible evidence of record to support a claim. 
In addition to trying to help aggreived individuals, our intention is to develop a database of substantiated complaints, by which legislatures can be persuaded to introduce credible, timely, and independent oversight and audit of the judiciary in the U.S. 
If you are interested in learning more, please see our Contact page in the menu above. 

Please also note: 

(1) Amerandus Research has moved from Pennsylvania, and is now physically located in Delaware. Nevertheless, as always, we wish to work with those who we might assist anywhere in the world. 

(2) Since much of our work is performed in the U.S.A., we cannot provide any legal advice about cases there, nor will we provide a legal judgment. Therefore, our review and comments are limited to review of evidence based on a variety of audit, scientific, and other standards. 

(3) We will no longer perform pro bono work. Rather, we will be using sliding scale fees that can include reciprocal effort in kind.