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1) If you wish to maintain confidentiality, please remember that we ask that you logon to this system from a Tor browser. A very easy-to-use Tor Browser Bundle can be downloaded here.
2) If the files you are providing are particularly sensitive and you were asked to encrypt them, then please encrypt your attachments using the public key you were provided; it can also be found here.
Only the owner of that public key will be able to read your attached email.
If you wish to receive an encrypted reply, then please note that. An email response will be sent via the SendInc email service. Mail for you will show your email name, or any other ID you provide here in the Subject line.
If you wish to have our response to you better encrypted, or you do not wish to rely on the SendInc SSL encryption, you can provide your own public key. You can upload your public key by attachment to this form, without encrypting it, in order to send it to the blog administrator. Please make sure your key length is 2048, and that you also include your public key ID and key fingerprint.
To learn more about handling PGP keys, see the following links:
Mac: GPGTools (GPGSuite)
Windows: GPG4win A good introduction can be found here.
Linux: GnuPG
Command line Mac or Linux:
Once you have GPG installed, go to the command line and enter gpg -h for a list of the most common commands. If there is any trouble using GPGTools or GPG4win, try the command line (particularly if you have basic abilities such as understanding how to drag files in to the terminal to provide their paths easily).
Command line Windows: A Practical Introduction
If OpenPGP/GPG is too technically advanced or time consuming for you, this upload form already has some built-in encryption (SecureForm) and more will be added soon. So information sent through this form will have a basic but professional level of security.
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