Communication options


For secure text messages and phone contact, please download the free Signal messenger app for iPhone or Android phones.

Enter the contact number: 717-395-6313, and then send an initial text message including a date and time if you wish to be called. The call will also be made using the Signal app.


We strongly advise anyone involved in any activity related to making allegations of wrongdoing to refrain from using email. But if you must, and we have found that there remains a strong desire among people to use email despite its risks, then we recommend that you make sure that your email provider:
1) allows the forced use of TLS encryption,
2) does not have a policy that allows them to read your email , and
3) provides for the use of PGP encryption.
4) Consider setting up a new email account using a pseudonym that is dedicated to this activity.
One provider that has all the above attributes, and is in a foreign country that might reduce legal risks to those in the U.S. from having information demanded of the provider, is the service located in Germany.

Ordinary phone/email
Should you feel that ordinary communications are sufficient for your needs, please send an initial email to at rpb AT, or leave a voicemail at 717-395-6313.