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“Dr. Bauchwitz is an experienced scientist with a deep understanding of the policies and practice of research misconduct investigations in the health sciences.”

Biomedical research laboratory director

“I did correspond with both [Firm associate 1] and [Firm associate 2] and I have found my interactions with them to be very useful. You are very thorough in your critiques and very knowledgeable. Your responses to questions I have posed have been timely. I value my association with you and am very glad that we have found each other. I don't hesitate to ask you for advice when I need it."

Professor in biomedical sciences

“We have made progress on our security. ... Thanks again for your input on this. It was VERY HELPFUL!”

Law firm partner

"I have to say, your dealing with [entity identification withheld] was invaluable in getting an acceptable outcome to all this. I very much appreciate it!"

Graduate student