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“Failure to Investigate” Project

For the past two years, Amerandus Research, with the assistance of fraud investigators at INA, have been collecting information about the cases of, and in several instances contacting, biomedical researchers who believe that allegations and evidence of falsification, fabrication, or plagiarism (including intellectual property theft) they have made were not adequately investigated by their responsible […]

Text Searches of U.S. Court Dockets … Is It Possible?

General methods of searching for court cases It would be very helpful to be able to mine a comprehensive database of all on-going and completed U.S. court cases. For instance, it might have been useful to learn about how lawsuits were being filed alleging car accidents caused by faulty brakes or for research misconduct. While […]

Fraud and the 1976 Montreal Olympics

   It is not necessarily all about the money    By way of introduction, I will kick off our public fraud investigation blog in a somewhat unorthodox fashion with some comments on an article in Swimming World Magazine entitled, “Doing the Right Thing” (Jason Marsteller, January 2015, pp. 18-19).   The reason for choosing this […]